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Model: MT-2208C

Water Purifier


Technical Specification

Water Tank Capacity: Normal 1.5L | Cold 3.0L
Cold Water Temperature: 6 – 10°C
Power Consumption: 90W
Dimension: W350 x D460 x H515mm
Weight: 17kgs
Hot tank material: SUS 304
Hot tank capacity: about 1.0L
Hot water temperature: 85 – 95°C
Heater power consumption: 430W


Step 1. Sediment
Step 2. Pre Carbon
Step 3. Silver
Step 4. Post Carbon

Features of Product

Hidden Type Replaceable Hygiene Guard:

Protect the faucet from bacterial growth. Can be separated, cleaned and replaced

Hot Water Safety Device:

Safety device can protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water