Borneo Water Filter Specialist

BSVTECH – innovative products imported from Korea, is one of the renowned brands under BSVTECH CORP TRADING, founded in 2015. We have been dedicated to delivering advanced quality and economical water purifier to the masses in order to provide the purest and freshest drinking water where available anywhere and anytime.

The BSVTECH GROUP specializes in the field of water filtration, purification and dispensing systems and related components for residential and industrial use.

Our products cover all types of Point of Entry (POE) filtration systems and Point of Use (POU) purification and dispensing systems.

Our expertise covers the identify of water source where we are able to give advices about which one purification systems model suitable to our customers

As we ourselves provide water related products, we truly understand the in-depth requirements of our customers and we firmly believe that our services will be able to add value to our customers health.

Inspiration from Korea Enlighten Wellness

With the tremendous growth in today’s health conscious society, advanced technology from Korea in purification system has captives us to bringing and delivering the unique and premium health and wellbeing products to local market through the brand – BSVTECH.

BSVTECH aims to delivering the cleanest, purest and special of Korea advanced technology in purification system in order to enlightening wellness of local consumers.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, providing a useful and workable solution is critical. Recognizing this, we are committed to total customer satisfaction by providing solutions at competitive prices and un compromising value.

We continuously strive to improve our design, product quality and customer support. We recognize that our employees are the driving force that allows us to consistently deliver value to our clients. We are committed to providing our employees with a conductive environment to deliver high-quality products and services to our clients. Through the delivery of these products and services, the BSVTECH group continues to create value for employees and shareholders now into the future.

We believe that access to clean water is a basic human right. As such, part of our group’s mission is to ensure that our products are affordable to everyone in the world. We achieve this maximizing cost efficiency so that we are able to pass on the savings we attain to our customers.


Our mission statement supports and guides our vision to achieve recognition as a world class brand for the water filtration, purification and dispensing system industry. Below are the set of principles that we will establish and practice:

  1. Our clients are our most important company asset and we are committed to serving their needs.
  2. Our company’s most important and valued resource is our trained and experienced professional, technical and support staff; and we will support our employees’ goals and needs.
  3. Our projects will be performed using the highest standards in the practice of with emphasis on quality, costs and time.
  4. We are committed to remain on the leading edge of technology, and in research and development to achieve a competitive advantage in our business.
  5. We will ensure our growth and vitality by expanding its services, and establishing new offices in other geographical areas to support its new and existing clients