Before i was thinking of buying 1 unit of water filter for me to use but the thing is i was confused what kind of water filter should i get that is ideal for me and my family needs. Thank you to BSVTECH representative because they help me solve my confusion all this time.

Mrs. Flora – Inanam, Sabah


I live far away from the city and that is the main obstacles for me and my family to own water filtration system. The water filter sales representative and the technician are not willing to do an installation and follow up services even when i am willing to pay a price that is quite high. According to me, BSVTECH group and the sales representative is sincere to give me and my family added value through their way of working.

Mr. Sauli – Pitas, Sabah.


I have been buying many kind of water filter brand before but none of them is long lasting. Sales representative from BSVTECH give me a valuable lesson that it is not the brand that is important especially but the follow up service after the buying process is the key to the endurance of the water filter.

Mrs. Justina Ester – Inanam, Sabah.


What i like the most with the product and service of BSVTECH is their location is not that far away from my residence. This makes it easier for to get spare parts and and follow up service for days to come. Other companies are from outside of Sabah.

Mr. Wong – Keningau


Before i have doubts to buy water filter because my water source is not treated (river water). I make a decision to install water filter from BSVTECH after a lot of my friend recommended me to try because they use the same water source. Till this day i have been using BSVTECH product for almost a years and no problems at all.

Mrs. Willma – Tamparuli, Sabah.


BSVTECH give me a chance to have water filter machine without having to bound to a long contract. Other companies offering contract for five years long and for me this is burdensome. To those who don’t like to be bound to a long contract BSVTECH is your best choice.

Mrs. Edlina Edward – Inanam, Sabah


I suppose popular brand is the determinant everything until sales representative from BSVTECH explained to me that famous brand is not a warranty. Follow up service after it the most important, i don’t have a reason to reject the service package that BSVTECH offer me.

Mrs. Villi – Tombovo, Putatan


I am the type who like to drink a lot of water and cool water is what makes me satisfied. Water that been generated by BSVTECH water filter is so cool its like the water that is flowing from Kinabalu mountain.

Mr. Mohd. Zeelah – Pamalan, Keningau


I want a water filter that is easy to use, durable and most important the one that didn’t us electric . BSVTECH give me a lot of choices and this help a customer like me. I will always support companies that give added value especially to Borneo citizens.

Mr. Volorian – Kg. Sinungkalang, Tambunan


Finally me and my family can have the chance to own our very own water filter machine. I cannot pay in cash, that is why i have to use the hire purchase method but other companies need a lot of documents that is hard for me to fulfill. Thanks to BSVTECH for giving me the minimum terms for me to buy a water filter machine through hire purchase method.

Mrs. Haryanti – Telipok Ria, Sabah