Model: HP-751

Hydrogen Water Purifier

Lotus Detail

Eco System

Power saving at nightby ECO (illuminance sensor) function. Heating system automatically stops when it becomes dark at night. (the ECO system works when the illuminance is measured at under 1 lux. When it becomes bright in the day time. The cooler will be working automatically when the sensor detects light.

Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Tank: to prevent bacterial growth.

Hidden Type Replaceable Hygiene Guard: Protect the faucet from bacterial growth. Can be separated, cleaned and replaced

Hot Water Safety Device: Safety device can protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water

Filter Arrangement

Option A

Step 1 : Ceramic Filter
Step 2 : Sediment Filter
Step 3 : Pre Carbon Filter
Step 4 : Silver Carbon Filter
Step 5 : Post Carbon Filter
Step 6 : Hydrogen Filter

Option B

Step 1 : Sediment Filter
Step 2 : Pre Carbon Filter
Step 3 : Hydrogen Filter
Step 4 : Post Carbon Filter