1. Powerful antioxidant Alkaline Water is a great source of anti-oxidants. It help protect your body from many different diseases that can cause serious health issues.

2. Balance pH levels of the body Alkaline water helps neutralising the acid levels of the body. Although it works best as a preventive measure, people with illness or disease can drink alkaline water to help speed up recovery process.

3. Promotes better hydration Alkaline water has smaller molecular content making it easier for body to absorb.

4. Detox the body Drinking alkaline water will help to wash away toxins that may cause your body to develop diseases and illnesses. Drinking water and eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables will help the detox.

5. Boost the immune system Keeping our bodies in a more alkaline state will boost the immune system. This is a natural effect of neutralising the free radicals and helping to cleanse our body.

6. Lost weight Alkaline water naturally neutralises the acids in the body. Drinking alkaline water significantly helps in weight loss because fat storage is reduced.

7. Save more money with Alkaline Water Consider the cost of supplements over the years, investing an alkaline water machine will have lifetime access to antioxidants that will help to keep you healthy!